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Pokémon Sword and Shield now have a Great Ball Guy

Wait, what?

A Great Ball Guy shirt in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Image: Game Freak / Nintendo via Serebii

Pokémon Sword and Shield will be holding an online double battle competition from April 10-12 where participants can earn points to qualify for the World Championships. But, more importantly, anyone who enters will get a digital t-shirt which depicts something we’ve never seen before.

So we know that Ball Guy, our friend and ally, exists. But here’s a new development: There’s also a Great Ball Guy, as you can see from this shirt. I need an explanation.

There are a few possibilities here. One is that this is a totally different guy. The second is that it’s still Ball Guy, just dressed up differently. But the third and most tantalizing possibility is this: Ball Guy can evolve into new forms. This, in turn, means we’ve already established part of his evolutionary line, which must include the cute Poké Boy.

It also means it’s possible for Ball Guy to turn into Master Ball Guy. Well, really, it potentially means Ball Guy could have a variety of forms, from Premium Ball Guy to Beast Ball Guy, to a more literal Friend Ball Guy, because that’s a Poké Ball too. So you see, I was right about Ball Guy’s gentle nature all along.

You can register for the 2020 International Challenge April from March 26 to April 9, according to Serebii.

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