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Man beats Breath of the Wild without walking

“This might be a little harder than I thought” 

Folks have already cleared The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with a naked Link, or by only using silly items like tree branches. Now we can add another absurd achievement to the mix: Here’s somebody beating Breath of the Wild without ever making Link walk or run.

Pointcrow accomplishes this feat because, as it turns out, Link still has plenty of movement options. He can hop and backflip, for instance, and while this is useful, it also means that something as simple as opening the first chest takes several more moments than it usually would. And, of course, we’re not counting the couple of times that Link walks in a cutscene, because Pointcrow has no control over that.

It’s neat to watch Pointcrow get creative with this limitation, though. At one point he simply pushes an enemy into the water using his Magnesis powers. To look in the right direction, he uses a camera trick. At a couple of points, Pointcrow uses bombs to launch Link where he needs to go. There’s also ample use of things like shield jumps and fall damage cancels. But this can only take Pointcrow so far. Without the ability to strafe or move normally, he can get surrounded by enemies much more easily. Link dies a few times along the way.

To help, Pointcrow tracks down Majora’s Mask, which makes it harder for enemies to spot Link. He also acquires the Phantom Armor set, which buffs Link’s attack. The final battle with Ganon is tricky, with Pointcrow having to restart a few times after accidentally taking a step. Even so, the content creator finds ways to show off by doing things like freezing Waterblight Ganon’s ice blocks and then slamming them back for massive damage.

Perhaps the most amusing technique sees Link exploding bombs on himself to quickly get out of Ganon’s way. Overall, it takes Pointcrow about seven hours and twenty five minutes to complete the no-walking challenge. Impressive!

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