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Ninja Theory’s Bleeding Edge is adding a dolphin in a mech suit

Meet Mekko, like Ecco but with more mech

Artwork of Mekko the dolphin from Bleeding Edge Image: Ninja Theory/Microsoft
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Bleeding Edge, the new multiplayer combat game on the way from Ninja Theory, announced a new fighter on Friday, and it isn’t exactly who you would expect to join up. Rather than the normal gun or sword-toting humans, the game’s new character is a dolphin who drives a mech suit. His name is Mekko.

Mekko was used in horrible genetic experiments before the Bleeding Edge broke him out of captivity. While Mekko’s past has given him a distrust of humanity, Bleeding Edge taught him that not all humans are bad and now he fights alongside them in his giant death-bringing mech suit.

Mekko joins Bleeding Edge’s roster as one of the game’s tank characters... get it? His abilities all revolve around his shield, which generates Power Orbs as it absorbs damage. Mekko can then use these Power Orbs to alter some of his Specials. Here are all of Mekko’s Specials and the ways that the Power Orbs can alter them:

  • Lifeline: Connect a lifeline to an ally. Mekko takes a percentage of their incoming damage. Activate against to wind the ally in. Power Orb: Grant the target a shield.
  • Safety Zone: Mark out a Safety Zone that grants Mekko and his allies armor and lifesteal. Power Orb: Reduces the healing received for enemies inside the Safety Zone.
  • Surge: Surge forward, knocking enemies in your path. Power Orb: Also generate life while travelling.

Along with these Specials, Mekko also has two Supers which aren’t changed by Power Orbs.

  • Sonic Barrage: Barrage enemies with sonic blasts dealing heavy damage and pushing them back.
  • Exclusion Bubble: Traps an enemy inside a bubble. Bubbled enemies cannot take damage, but their team can destroy the bubble.

While Mekko might be an unusual addition for most shooters, he isn’t too out of the blue for Bleeding Edge. In fact he isn’t even the only animal in the game that rides around on a vehicle — of one form or another. Another one of the game’s other characters, Kulev, is a robotic snake that’s coiled around a steampunk skeleton that it uses to walk.

Bleeding Edge is currently holding regular closed beta sessions. The game is set to be released on March 24 on Windows PC and Xbox One.

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