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A short-haired, clean-shaven Mark Ruffalo next to a shaggier, bearded Mark Ruffalo.

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7 trailers that have us hyped this week: Artemis Fowl, I Know This Much Is True, and more

Plus, a new Tom Hanks movie

Two — count ‘em, two — Mark Ruffalo-s!
| Photo: HBO

A million movie and TV trailers drop online every week, which can make it hard to keep track of what’s actually coming up in theaters and on home screens. To help parse through the endless stream of upcoming releases, we’ve assembled a list of the most exciting (and in some cases, weirdest) trailers that came out this week, along with a hype level rating, tracking whether these particular trailers actually excited us about the upcoming product. Afraid you might have missed something? Fear no more.

This week brings us a look at a new HBO series starring Mark Ruffalo as twins, the upcoming Artemis Fowl adaptation, and a surprisingly twisty new animated movie about a family on a road trip.

Artemis Fowl

I don’t remember much from having read the Artemis Fowl books when they first came out, but even I can tell that there are some differences between what I read and what’s happening in the movie adaptation’s first trailer. That said, the story of a boy genius navigating the world of monsters and fairies with just his brains and advanced technology is looks pretty fun. C’mon, a goblin shoots fire out of its nose.

Movie release date: May 29 in theaters

Hype level: 4. Let’s see what happens!

The High Note

Overworked assistant Maggie gets a chance to live her dreams of being a producer when her boss, famous diva Grace Davis, decides to make another studio album. The two grapple with expectations of women in the industry.

Movie release date: May 8 in theaters

Hype level: 7. I was expecting this to be like a music industry version of The Devil Wears Prada, but there’s already a lot of nuance to Tracee Ellis Rose’s character, so I am intrigued.

I Know This Much Is True

Two Mark Ruffalos for the price of one! The HBO series, based on the novel of the same name by Wally Lamb, stars the Hulk actor as twins Dominick and Thomas. Thomas suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, and the story unfolds as Dominick recalls their life together, and a further conspiracy that comes to light as Thomas receives treatment.

Series release date: April 27 on HBO

Hype level: 9. We love Mark Ruffalo.


It’s a family road trip movie, but from the creators of Spider-Verse and The Lego Movie, which means the generational rift in technology manifests in the form of a full-on ROBOT APOCALYPSE.

Movie release date: Sept. 18 in theaters

Hype level: 9. It was charming without the weird hook; now it rules.

Banana Split

Two teenage girls become fast friends — except one of them is dating the other’s ex and that ex is Dylan Sprouse. Will their friendship survive the Boy? Will they realize that the boy has a man bun and therefore they can do soooo much better? There’s a warmth to the female friendship here and a subversion of the jealous girl dynamic we see so often.

Movie release date: Nebulously “coming soon”

Hype level: 9. Give me a sweet comedy about two gals being friends! Disrupt the norm of internalized misogyny! Also, by the way if you’re wondering what Dylan Sprouse is up to, he opened a meadery and I’ve had some of his mead and it’s pretty good.


A Norwegian Netflix horror anthology about “spectral bus head toward a gruesome, unknown destination.” There are spooky hospitals, spooky faces, and spooky stabbings, oh my!

Series release date: A very spooky Friday, March 13 on Netflix

Hype level: 6. Honestly, the interest level jumped up a notch because of the trailercore version of “The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”


Tom Hanks acting + Tom Hanks writing + World War II story = Greyhound. Rather than being about the bus line of the same name, Greyhound tells the tale of a U.S. destroyer that, while on patrol, is ambushed by Nazi U-boats. Will the American soldiers make it out of there alive? Only one way to find out! (Or two, I guess, if you already know your history or look up the event on Wikipedia.)

Movie release date: June 12 in theaters

Hype level: 7. It’s Tom Hanks! What are you gonna do!