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The Polygon entertainment staff watches a lot of movies. Between the week’s major tentpole releases, we’re finding room for tiny gems, the latest and greatest in streaming service offerings, and the constant wave of new TV shows, which are more like really long movies than ever before.

Even with all that on our plate, we can’t help but feel the tug of the classics — aging or modern. Thanks to the content hunger of Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Disney Plus, and the other streamers, and the one-click ease of digital video marketplaces like Apple Movies and Vudu, time-tested films have never been easier to watch or rewatch. A movie’s life doesn’t end after it bows out of theaters. With every surprising new turn life offers, movies from decades ago take on new meaning and new auras of appreciation. Did we really understand the puzzling cult drama Upstream Color when it trickled into theaters in 2013? What does the 1973 horror classic The Wicker Man mean in today’s climate? Was everyone wrong about Thor: The Dark World?

Movies like The Dark Knight could prompt us to write a few dozen essays. Some movies just demand a second, closer viewing. Here, you’ll find our full collection of retrospectives and reassessments of movies worth watching, considering, and reconsidering.