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Valorant beta guide: How microtransactions work

How to buy skins and characters in Valorant

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A Valorant player shooting a Vandal with a purple skin on it Image: Riot Games via Polygon
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The closed beta for Valorant is here. While the beta just released, there are already plenty of skins in the game for the players lucky enough to have access.

So how do you buy skins? And will they carry over into the full game? Here’s everything you need to know about microtransactions in Valorant.

Can I buy weapon skins in the beta?

Yes, the Valorant closed beta supports microtransactions, which means you can buy any of the skins available. You can buy all of the weapon skins in Valorant with Valorant Points, which require real world cash in the in-game store. Each type of skin costs a different amount of Valorant Points based on the weapon it applies to. Knife skins are more expensive while skins for a shotgun are usually a little cheaper.

What kind of skins can I buy?

There’s a featured skin in the store that refreshes every week, as well as a selection of four skins that refresh every day. According to Riot, the store selections will be different for most players, so what you can buy versus what your friend can buy will vary. As you buy skins, the store will start tailoring its catalogue around your preferences for gun skins.

Can I buy characters in the game?

Each character can be unlocked through that character’s Contract, or by spending Valorant points. To purchase a character without waiting, you’ll need to get their contract to Level 5, which costs 1000 Valorant Points, or around $10.

What’s the conversion rate between real-world money and Vaolorant Points?

Here are all the options for buying Valorant Points in-game, in US dollars. The conversions will vary based on your regional currency.

Valorant’s in-game microtransaction menu Image: Riot Games via Polygon

Do purchases that I make in the beta carry over to the full game or will I get a refund?

The skins that you buy will not carry over from the beta to Valorant’s full release. However, you will be refunded any Valorant Points you spend during the beta, plus 20%. So if you buy 1000 Valorant Points in the beta, when the full game is released you’ll have 1,200 Valorant Points to spend wherever you’d like.

How do you upgrade weapon skins?

Some weapon skins have upgrades that you can purchase using Radianite. Radianite are purchasable in the in-game store using Valorant Points, but can also be earned by gaining in-game XP. The upgrades for each skin cost 10 Radianite.

Valorant’s Radianite menu Image: Riot Games via Polygon

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