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7 trailers that have us hyped this week: Extraction, Too Hot to Handle, and Mrs. America

Chris Hemsworth, sexy singles, and the mortifying ordeal of being known

chris hemsworth Photo: Jasin Boland/NETFLIX

A million movie and TV trailers drop online every week, which can make it hard to keep track of what’s actually coming up in theaters and on home screens. To help parse through the endless stream of upcoming movie and TV releases, we’ve assembled a list of the most exciting (and in some cases, weirdest) trailers that came out this week, along with a hype level rating, tracking whether these particular trailers actually excited us about the upcoming product. Afraid you might have missed something? Fear no more.

Last week gives us a wide gamut of titles, ranging from a Hulu biopic to Netflix’s latest bizarre reality show, from a comedy special that’s basically just a long improv show to a long look at Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward’s latest project.

Mrs. America

I have never been more afraid of Cate Blanchett than I am seeing her as Phyllis Schlafly, who became famous as a staunch conservative opposing feminism and abortion campaigning against the Equal Rights Movement. The FX miniseries also stars Rose Byrne as Gloria Steinem, Margo Martindale as Bella Abzug, Uzo Aduba as Shirley Chisholm, and many other famous names portraying other famous names.

Series release date: April 15 on Hulu

Hype level: 7. Historical miniseries are great but this one looks particularly stressful, given the current political landscape.

Middleditch and Schwartz

Comedians Ben Schwartz and Thomas Middleditch do improv! That’s it. That’s the show.

Comedy special release date: April 21 on Netflix

Hype level: 8. But only if you particularly like improv, Ben Schwartz, or Thomas Middleditch. If none of those things check off boxes for your or if you — like me — are scarred from that one semester of college improv you did, perhaps the hype goes down to a 4.


In the new movie from the Russo brothers, Chris Hemsworth is mercenary Tyler Rake (a “cool guy” name if I’ve ever heard one). When he’s assigned to rescue the kidnapped son of a crime lord, what he doesn’t realize is that he’s actually about to find a source of real human connection and care when it turns out that the extraction (get it) job isn’t that simple. As he and the boy go on the run, they learn to trust each other.

Movie release date: April 24 on Netflix

Hype level: 4. Is it weird if I say I’d be a lot more into this if it were a comedy or more of a buddy movie?

The Midnight Gospel

Take Adventure Time’s zany animation and wash it all with pink, ramp up the violence, sex, and swearing, and voilà! You get Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward’s latest project, which follows a “spacecaster” (think podcaster but … in space) zooming through the multiverse in search of cool interviewees.

Series release date: April 20 on Netflix

Hype level: 7. This sure is… a lot to process!

The Trip to Greece

Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon reunite for the final leg on their Trip journey. The series, which has taken the two comedians (playing fictionalized versions of themselves) to Italy, Spain, and northern England, now go to Greece and follow in Odysseus’ supposed footsteps. Fine dining, Michael Caine impressions, beautiful scenery — what more could you want?

Movie release date: May 22 in theaters and on demand

Hype level: 10. This is the only franchise that matters.

The Half of It

A reserved, straight-A student named Ellie Chu helps a sweet but not-so-smart jock write letters to the girl of his dreams. The only problem? She starts falling for the same girl. But judging from the trailer, she and the boy still maintain a sweet friendship, which is a refreshing twist. It looks super heartfelt and like the movie version of the “if we want the rewards of being loved, we must submit to the mortifying ordeal of being known” meme.

Movie release date: May 1 on Netflix

Hype level: 10. It’s all about that YEARNING.

Too Hot to Handle

A bunch of hot singles come together in a luxurious mansion — except the catch is that every time they hook up the cash prize dwindles. Will these hot and horny individuals be able to keep their pants on for some cold, hard cash?

Series release date: April 17 on Netflix

Hype level: 8. This is like an absolutely bizarre, anti-Love Island and I am very here for it. Netflix is really doing The Most when it comes to wacky reality TV concepts.

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