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PlayerUnknown’s Battleground’s new season comes with a rework of the Vikendi map

Welcome to Dinoland

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Vikendi has been out of the map rotation in PUBG for a couple of months now, but with PUBG Corp. is bringing it back with a few upgrades. As part of the PUBG season 7, the developer has updated some of Vikendi’s locations, and added two trains to the map to help players get around faster.

The trains are the biggest change on the new version of Vikendi and add something completely different to PUBG as a whole. One of the trains is a Dinoland-themed passenger line, while the other is a cargo train. Both run on different tracks and stop at train stations around the map. PUBG’s never had public transportation like this on one of its maps, or such a fast-moving way to get from one place or another. Of course, since it’s PUBG, these trains will also be deadly if you stand on the tracks, and a good sniper can still hit you even if the trains are moving fast.

The new version of the map also gives a few of the Vikendi’s towns an overhaul as well. Dino Park, the old dilapidated theme park has been revamped and turned into Dinoland, a functioning city with more buildings and a more impressive theme par. PUBG Corp. has updated a few other areas as well, with the addition of a new cargo depot, and the removal of Tovar and Movatra, two of the maps least-visited cities.

A player stands with a bolt-action rifle in a snowy field in PUBG
A player holding PUBG’s new Mosin-Nagant
Image: PUBG Corp.

Season 7 will also bring the Mosin-Nagant to PUBG as a new sniper rifle. This weapon occupies a strange place in the game, it’s just a reskinned version of the Kar98k. It looks and sounds a little different but according to PUBG Corp. the two weapons are identical and it’s just intended to give players a little more variety. The Mosin-Nagant will only be available on Vikendi and Erangel.

The latest PUBG season will also come with its own season 7 Survivor Pass called Cold Front. As always, this will include a variety of themed items. This time around there are mascot costumes for the Dinoland theme park and various cold-weather outfits.

The PUBG season 7 patch is on the PUBG Test Server now and is scheduled to come to PC on April 21 and consoles the week after on April 28. You can find the full patch notes on the PUBG website.

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