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Valorant’s first hotfix addresses the game’s silliest bug

Cypher’s camera can no longer magically hold pistols

Cypher from Valorant Image: Riot Games via Polygon
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Valorant’s closed beta has been out for about a week, and Riot Games is already making a few changes to its new tactical shooter. While the game hasn’t received a major patch just yet, the developer did release a hotfix on Wednesday morning to correct a few bugs, including a very silly glitch that let one character’s camera gadget shoot pistols.

The glitch was related to an Agent called Cypher. One of Cypher’s abilities is a camera that he can throw on a wall and use to keep an eye on that area of the map. The camera can even shoot a tracking dart that will mark the location of enemies it connects with. However, thanks to this bug, if you threw a pistol at the camera, it would catch it. If a camera had a pistol, it would shoot the gun instead of the tracking dart, making it lethal and incredibly funny.

The rest of the changes in the hotfix are pretty standard. There were a couple of ways to escape the boundaries of maps that Riot has taken care of, as well as a bug that caused audio to stop working after playing several consecutive games.

This is the first major hotfix Riot has released for Valorant, but it certainly won’t be the last. Riot hasn’t given any official word on when the first changes to the game will come, but League of Legends, the developer’s other major game, patches every two weeks, so it’s possible we could see a similar schedule for Valorant’s beta.