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Valorant Beta: Which characters you should get first

These are two of Valorant’s best agents

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Breach from Valorant Image: Riot Games via Polygon
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Valorant’s closed beta comes with five Agents unlocked as soon as you get the game. The other five characters have to be unlocked, either with Agent Unlocks, or by completing their individual Contracts. But completing Contracts can be a big time commitment, so it’s important to pick the right character before you start earning progress.

Here are two very different Agents that you should think about picking up when it’s time to unlock a new character in Valorant.


Cypher’s speciality is gathering information for his team. His camera ability lets him watch sites with no risk at all. He can also set up Trapwires that can help defend against an enemy team. You can also stick these behind your team while you’re on Attack to stop aggressive flanks from the enemy team. His Ultimate lets him find the location of the entire enemy team just by using it on one dead enemy. And if all that fails, his Neural Cage can act as both a trap and a smoke grenade.

All of this utility makes Cypher one of the best Agents in Valorant. He can be useful on any map and with any team composition.


Breach is an entry level character. He’s focused on getting the enemy off their feet and dazed so that he and his teammates can storm in. His Blinding Charge, which can only be used through walls, lets him push into rooms safely. His Fusion Charge explodes through walls and can be useful in your own aggressive pushes on Attack or stopping the enemy’s pushes when you’re on Defense. Both Breach’s Ultimate and his Fault Lines abilities can disorient large groups of enemies if they’re clustered together in one area or hallway.

Breach is the perfect Agent for anyone that likes to play aggressively and shoot their way onto sites. Because all of his abilities can go through walls, Breach is also a character that requires familiarity with the map to know where the enemy might be and which abilities can hit them. This makes him one of Valorant’s best Agents and a valuable member to any team.

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