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Destiny 2’s new holiday event pits its 3 classes against each other

Vote for the best class and pick up a new Exotic weapon

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Destiny 2 Guardian Games art Image: Bungie
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Each season, Destiny 2 gets some kind of holiday event. Last spring, Bungie tried out a new event called The Revelry. But this year, the studio is switching things up with a different competition among its players: Guardian Games. The event runs from April 21 to May 12.

Guardian Games is a battle of Destiny’s three classes: Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks. Players will complete bounties, earn points, pick up Laurels, and turn in medals to determine the best of the three.

At the start of the event, players will get a class item depending on what they’re playing — Titans with a mark, Warlocks with a bond, and Hunters with a cloak. Each day, the colors around these class items will change depending on the current ranking of the class. If Titans are in first place that day, the band around the mark will turn gold, with the colors on the other class’ items reflecting their respective places. At the end of the event, Bungie will tally up the wins, and the class items will lock to their rankings for the rest of the year.

Of course, most Guardians know the classes aren’t exactly even. Hunters are far more common than the other classes, which Bungie has already addressed in its weekly blog. When players collect medals and turn them in to vote for the best class, the votes will have a slight weight to them based on player population. The goal isn’t to stack the deck against Hunters, but to give Titans and Warlocks a shot at victory.

Guardian Games 2020 artwork
The Guardian Games Exotic ghosts
Image: Bungie

The event also comes with four new Exotic items, all of which players can get outside of the Eververse store. The holiday NPC, Eva Levante, offers a new quest for an Exotic ghost each week. These new ghosts are each themed around a class. Players can complete the quest each week to pick up all three ghosts.

There is also a new Exotic weapon attached to the Guardian Games. The Heir Apparent heavy machine gun will have some kind of quest tied to the event. We don’t know much about the gun, outside of its data-mined perks.

According to Ginsor, one of the Destiny community’s lead data miners, the gun has an intrinsic and Exotic perk, as well as an ornament and Masterwork. The Heavy Slug Thrower perk forces the weapon to only fire when fully spun up — presumably by holding the trigger for a few seconds. The Armor of the Colossus perk creates an Arc shield around the user if firing at full health. We don’t have any details on what the Masterwork will add to the gun or when the Heir Apparent will become available in-game.

As with all holiday events, players can also purchase new cosmetic items via the Eververse store. However, aside from a Finisher, Bungie will sell all items for the in-game Bright Dust currency during the event. The weekly Guardian Games bounties will also reward Bright Dust, so players can stock up and buy some new cosmetics.

Starting on Tuesday, players have three weeks to determine the best of the three Destiny classes. And whoever wins will reign supreme until April 2021.

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