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World of Warcraft is keeping the double XP train rolling until Shadowlands

Level those alts before heading to the afterlife

Battle For Azeroth podcast Image: Blizzard Entertainment
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World of Warcraft is in the final stages of the Battle for Azeroth expansion, making this prime time for players to level up alternative characters. Blizzard has extended an experience buff as well; players will earn 100% extra XP in the game until the pre-patch for Shadowlands, the next expansion.

Winds of Wisdom, the experience buff, was first put in place when the coronavirus quarantine started in earnest. It was a bonus for players who were stuck at home due to self-isolation. Now that it looks like the quarantine will extend through the spring at a minimum, Blizzard ceded to popular demand and extended the buff.

When the pre-patch for Shadowlands hits, there’ll be an event bridging the two expansions together, and the experience multiplier will be disabled. When the Shadowlands expansion proper hits, a new player experience will be implemented, along with a “level squish” that speeds up leveling and gives players a choice of which previous expansion they’d like to level up through, from levels 10-40.

Things might be easier for new players once Shadowlands hits, but if a player wants to level up her cast of alts before the next expansion, now is a great time. This is also a good time to jump into the game for the first time, since there’s lots of folks milling around in low-level areas.

We currently don’t have a release date for Shadowlands or its pre-patch, besides the fact that they’re expected to come out sometime in 2020. The game is currently in alpha testing, and players can see in-game features and data-mined hints, like the roguelike-style dungeon Torghast, and a potential new autobattler mode on the mission table.

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