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Animal Crossing fans welcome Redd with special secret beaches

We’re all excited to get scammed

Redd’s boat in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon

April’s big Animal Crossing: New Horizons patch is live, meaning that for some folks booting up the game this morning, there’s a sketchy new presence wandering the island grounds. Yes, it’s jolly old Redd, the fox scammer known for selling fake paintings and statues. Isabelle even warns you about this shadowy fellow and everything!

Redd might be here to pull a fast one on us, but Animal Crossing fans are still welcoming the trickster with open arms. It’s not that anyone wants to be scammed per se, but more that Redd is a familiar face from older games — and it’s nice to see him again, even if he’s here to screw us.

One particular trend sees folks decorating the secret beach area where Redd’s boat will dock, in a variety of thematically appropriate ways. In the screenshot above, for example, I tried making it look like the sort of seedy place a smuggler might hide away in. But since there are hundreds of furniture options, fans have plenty of ways to spruce up the secluded area — or the grounds leading up to it.

Granted, for many players who already decorated that space, Redd is totally ruining or changing the vibe. I had to spend some time redoing stuff to accommodate the boat. Annoying, but hey, at least the jokes are good.

And if you’re reading this wondering why your island doesn’t have Redd in it, fear not. Folks who have the scammer already likely either downloaded the patch, which went live early, or they’re time-traveling. You have to speak to Blathers upon getting the latest update, and he’ll mention that he wants to accept new artworks. Then, the next day, Redd should appear. So if you don’t have Redd yet — you will soon!

You can read more about what’s in the latest update here, or find out how to tell Redd’s fakes from the genuine articles here.

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