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This entire Animal Crossing island is an incredible obstacle course

Ready, set .... go!

An Animal Crossing player sits at the beach. Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon

Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans know how to make their own fun — sometimes, that might mean devoting an area to net jousting, musical stumps, or high-stakes tag. But these efforts pale in comparison to one island, which has been terraformed entirely to be a huge race for players. I’ve never seen anything like it.

A group known as Shrimp Club has uploaded some amazing footage of this island to Facebook, and it’s a wonder to behold.

动森版本的“running man”!让你上山下洞滚床过迷宫!

你的无人岛怎么样了?是不是鱼都钓过了,虫都抓完了? 屋子大大间、银行多多钱,开始觉得有点…空虚咧? 嘿嘿嘿,告诉你,游戏才刚刚开始!你那个空荡荡的无人岛,在K.K过来开演唱会后,就可以让你自由的改造成一个大大的游乐场啦~ 你看看BC大叔,把他的岛改成了赛跑岛,不只要赛跑、过迷宫、上山下海、分分钟还要跌陷阱! 话说,虾米都不知岛上的居民们会不会不小心困在迷宫里呢? -BC #AnimalCrossingNewHorizon #集合啦动物森友会 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 虾米俱乐部是聚集热爱游戏的玩家基地 加入我们一起来吹水哈分享游戏的乐趣: Discord 传送门 :

Posted by 马来虾综合游戏频道 on Monday, April 20, 2020

It begins how you’d expect, with a starting line. Arrows guide our competitors forward, letting them know where to go. And then the obstacle opens up and you see the sheer scope of this thing — it spans the whole island.

Big Nook Miles rewards, like lighthouses and monster statues, are set up as obstructions to slow players down. Then there’s a huge brick maze where entrants must find an exit. Haystacks have to be rolled over, and a field full of pitfalls have to be avoided. Then there’s a sea of tires, just waiting for folks to get stuck on them. Afterward, there’s a section of small cliffs that players must climb and then descend with ladders, before being faced with a pole-vaulting challenge. Here, players once again have to be careful not to throw themselves head-first into a pitfall.

Waterfalls then pose a unique problem, as players must both climb and vault themselves through that section. At one point, the obstacle course uses both fish tanks and a forest as makeshift mazes. Near the end, there’s a line of buried treasure, and depending on what entrants unearth, they have to then place it on the correct color-coded pedestal at the end. But even this has a trick up its sleeve, as some of the holes are filled with trash that cannot be used.

Watching these three New Horizons devotees finagle their way through such a devilish construction is a joy.

According to the video’s description, it seems that this whole thing was built as a way to avoid that empty feeling that comes with completing all the basic things the game asks you to do, such as collecting fish for the museum, or becoming a bellionare. Hilariously, the makers say that their own island inhabitants have become trapped in the many mazes offered by the trickster island. Whoops!

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