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Modder patches Bloodborne to run at a buttery 60 fps on PS4

Gotta hunt fast

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A hunter faces a werewolf in a screenshot from Bloodborne Image: From Software
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Bloodborne is a great game, and fans are still returning to try and unravel the inner workings of the 2016 action RPG. One modder, Lance McDonald, says he has patched Bloodborne to make the game run at 60 fps on PlayStation 4.

McDonald is well known in gaming communities for taking apart games to find their secrets; previously, he uncovered some spooky set-ups and cut content from horror classic P.T., and unearthed hidden bosses from Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3. On Tuesday, he made a series of tweets documenting his progress on a Bloodborne patch that boosted the frame rate. As he explains,

I patched Bloodborne to run at 60fps. It works alright (about as good as the Dark Souls 3 PS4 Pro patch does) except for the fact that the game doesn’t have proper timing and the entire game basically runs in fast-forward. This is running on a base PS4.

McDonald also posted footage on a PlayStation 4 Pro, noting that there’s a lot of screen-tearing in this particular test footage because of no v-sync.

Performance is further improved with the PS4 Pro’s Boost Mode feature enabled, McDonald says.

Since the console’s launch in 2016, Bloodborne fans have longed hoped for official improvements to the game’s performance on PS4 Pro, something developer FromSoftware never made good on.

Fans who are eager to track McDonald’s progress can follow his YouTube channel, where he posts in-depth breakdowns of his work and patching. He also maintains a Patreon.

It’s fascinating to watch this smoother version of Bloodborne, and it’s a reminder as to the game’s staying power with fans. While fans are still waiting for the upcoming Elden Ring, they’re still finding ways to innovate and improve upon FromSoftware’s existing catalog.

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