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This Call of Duty: Warzone clip shows the power of the Akimbo .357s

Who needs a shotgun, when Warzone’s revolvers can do this

A player defends their hard earned Plunder cash in Call of Duty: Warzone Image: Infinity Ward/Activision
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Call of Duty: Warzone is all about playing aggressive to get the win. But there’s standard aggressive, and then there’s “Akimbo .357 custom revolvers wiping out an entire squad” aggressive.

On Reddit, user ssieK posted a 55-second video of them getting four kills and numerous downs to end the game. While the clip is very impressive, some fans think the dual-wielded weapons are a bit too strong.

In the clip, ssieK trades out his standard pistol for the double revolvers — just as the final circle is closing in around three squads. From inside and around a house, ssieK proceeds to obliterate the better parts of two different squads, usually with one-shot kills.

In ssieK’s hands, the revolvers are like miniature shotguns — using the Snake Shot attachment — but with far longer range than the average shotgun.

“Good movement and decision making on you but c’mon with the insta downs,” commented user Turnkeygarlic. “And reload speed. The fact is they outclass the shotgun. Which is a primary. There’s no downside to running them with Ghost. They need a dramatic range alteration for spread/grouping when both are fired simultaneously.”

While some users are quick to disagree, others point out that an aggressive playstyle is king with the .357s, and an aggressive player can turn them into some of the most powerful weapons in the game. User Metalhead4 pointed out: “If you’re inside any building these are the guns to have hands down.”

What makes this play more frustrating for some is how difficult the Akimbo .357s are to unlock. To unlock the Akimbo perk, you need to get three or more kills with the .357 in five games. But the kills only count if you have the Recon perk attached to the .357 first — which allows you to see enemy nameplates from farther away. To unlock the Recon perk, players need to level their .357 up to level 34. Then they can attempt the Akimbo challenge. It’s a significant time investment, but worth it to the most hardcore players.

It’s unclear if Activision or Infinity Ward intends to nerf the .357 — as, according to players, the gun has been very good for some time, and it’s not the first complaint we’ve seen. But one thing is for sure, this clip has a lot of new players interested in the Akimbo .357s, Snake Shot combo. And if we’ve learned anything from the Warzone community, they learn quickly from silly, subreddit clips.

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