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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare now lets you make super weapons

Combine your blueprints for the ultimate weapon

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare customized weapon Image: Infinity Ward/Activision
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Infinity Ward revealed a new content update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on Wednesday afternoon. Called Season Three: Reloaded, the patch adds a new weapon, hybrid customization, and a new camo skin. Infinity Ward also revealed some playlist changes and an upcoming double XP weekend for Warzone and Modern Warfare. The update is already available for all Call of Duty players.

The coolest new feature of this patch is Gunsmith Customs, a new form of weapon customization. Gunsmith Customs allows you to combine the power of your weapon blueprints into one super weapon. This allows for nearly unlimited customization for a single gun — as long as you’ve collected enough blueprints.

Golden Dragon Gunsmith Customs Modern Warfare
Customizing blueprints in Gunsmith Customs
Image: Infinity Ward/Activision

The blueprint system can offer a cosmetic skin and a host of already unlocked attachments for a single gun — transforming a mundane assault rifle into a pink, plastic death machine with special attachments.

Gunsmith Customs only allows you to use blueprints from the same weapon — no mixing a shotgun and rifle blueprint, for example. But Gunsmith Customs allows you to take that pink assault rifle blueprint and mix it a gold blueprint from the same weapon. On top of a weapon’s appearance, you can also customize the functionality of the attachments. Players can buy blueprints via the in-game store or earn them from the Battle Pass.

There’s also a new weapon, the MK9 Bruen LMG. It’s a light machine gun with “high accuracy and reliable damage.” To unlock the MK9, players can buy the ‘Encryption’ bundle or complete a new weapon challenge via the LMG Foxtrot.

In this patch, you can also earn a new skin beyond gold, Obsidian. The Obsidian camos are black and ridged, looking almost like a rock. Earning them takes both skill and patience. For Assault Rifles, you need to unlock the gold camo and then kill 15 enemies or more in a match 200 times. The rest of the Obsidian weapon skins are similarly time-consuming.

While you’re grinding out those new Obsidian challenges, Infinity Ward has some new playlists and XP bonuses for you.

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, players can queue up for Gunfight Blueprints, 3v3 Cranked Gunfight, Reinfected Ground War, Shoot the Ship 24/7.

In Call of Duty: Warzone, players can queue up for Quads, Trios, Solos, and Plunder Trios.

From May 1-4, Infinity Ward will offer double XP, double weapon XP, and double tier XP all weekend in both games.

During the week of May 4, players can battle in Gunfight Knives only, Demolition, and Gun Game Reloaded in Modern Warfare.

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