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Apex Legends seems to tease a new robotic character

Possibly a simulacrum?

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Octane celebrating in Apex Legends as explosions go off behind him
Octane, one of Apex Legends’ many cyborg characters
Image: Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts
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It looks like a new character is being teased for Apex Legends. On Wednesday afternoon, the game’s Twitter account tweeted a mysterious GIF that appears to show off a mechanical head, along with a brief description of a simulacrum — characters which may be familiar to Titanfall veterans.

According to the GIF, simulacra are somewhere between androids and cyborgs on the robotic spectrum of life. While androids are fully mechanical beings, and cyborgs are half-organic hybrids, simulacra appear to be humans who had their consciousness transferred into a new mechanical body. Simulacra as characters have existed in the Apex Legends universe since the Titanfall games, where players occasionally fought alongside or against them.

According to the GIF, simulacra still see themselves as human because of a bit of programming that causes them to see their former body when they look in a mirror. The GIF also appears to be called “Trial 7578.” It explains that three subjects have attempted (and failed) the neural transfer, including Subject C, who went “hysterical” when they were shown an exact copy of themselves.

While this looks like a tease for a new Apex Legends character, there’s really no way to tell for sure until Respawn reveals a little bit more. And even when the developer does give us more information, we’ll just have to take its word for it, considering the last character reveal involved an entirely fake character getting announced first.

Apex Legends’ next season is set to begin on May 12, which could be the possible release date of this new character.

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