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Darkest Dungeon developers were serious on April Fools’ Day, multiplayer DLC is coming

The Butcher’s Circus will let players go head-to-head

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Darkest Dungeon review header 1920 Image: Red Hook Studios
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Darkest Dungeon is normally a game about building a team and bringing them through a series of dungeons with hordes of computer-controlled enemies in their way, but the game’s newest DLC, called The Butcher’s Circus, is bringing a new way to play. For the first time in Darkest Dungeon players will be able to go head to head in a new PVP mode.

The DLC was first technically announced on April 1 on the Darkest Dungeon Twitter account. The tweet said it was a preview of the game’s upcoming DLC and mentioned both Arena fights and Hero vs Hero combat. But since it was an April Fools’ Day announcement, fans quickly assumed that developer Red Hook Studios was making a fun joke and that was it. But the developer tweeted again the next day to let fans know that it wasn’t joking and that the DLC was real.

That later tweet linked out to the DLC’s official store page on Steam, which gives players a few more clues about what’s going on in The Butcher’s Circus. The content will include the Circus as a new area in the game, but the main star will be the new PVP mode. Players can face-off against each other with teams of four heroes who will be separate from their campaign heroes. There will be a ranks for players to earn as they make their way through the arena and new gladiatorial trinkets that can help heroes out in battle.

There’s no official release date yet, but according to the Darkest Dungeon Twitter account, the DLC should be out sometime in May.

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