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Apex Legends’ newest hero is Loba, an expert thief with a tragic past

She’s also got some kind of score to settle with Revenant

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Apex Legends is getting a new hero: Loba Andrade. In a new teaser trailer released on Thursday, we get a look at Loba’s work as a world-class thief, and learn that she has a history with one of Apex Legends’ other characters.

Loba’s reveal trailer starts out with her childhood, where at least one of her parents was killed and she was sent into the foster care system. From there, she grew up to be a thief.

As she got older, she also got better, stealing valuable objects from all over the world and meeting a friend along the way. We don’t get many details on him, but it seems this friend becomes Loba’s partner and possibly the tech expert behind her talent for larceny. Once she finally steals a valuable-looking necklace that seems to be her crowning achievement, her friend tells her he found “him,” and pulls up a massive image of Revenant on a display.

It isn’t clear exactly what Loba’s history with Revenant might be, but it seems possible that he killed her parent. This history also gives us a little bit more context on the teaser that Respawn released on Wednesday afternoon. It would appear that the teaser wasn’t for this new hero, but rather a reference to Revenant himself, and was possibly the file that helped Loba’s friend locate the shadowy simulacrum assassin. It’s possible that getting close to Revenant is the reason behind her joining the Apex Games.

The trailer doesn’t give us too many hints at what Loba’s abilities might be when she’s added to the game, but they’re likely to be pretty sneaky since she’s a master jewel thief. Loba will likely be added as part of Apex Legends’ season 5, which is set to start on May 12.

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