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Destiny 2 player glitches into the world and discovers a major spoiler

Looks like our brush with the Almighty is going to be a lot closer than we thought

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Ikora stands in the Tower in Destiny 2, staring up at the Traveler
Destiny 2
Image: Bungie
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Destiny 2’s Season of the Worthy is nearly two-thirds of the way finished, but it looks like players still have more to discover before the game’s next season launches in June. User tic-toc26 recently glitched into the world and discovered a serious spoiler hidden below the surface.

[Warning: This post contains potential spoilers for Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy and beyond]

In a Reddit post by user PaperMartin, it appears someone named tic-toc26 glitched their way into Destiny 2’s Tower and found battle damage. Hidden below the current, pristine Tower, are the scars of a battle that has yet to take place. According to the post, tic-toc26 was able to glitch into an instance with the destroyed Tower fully visible.

If you haven’t been keeping up with Destiny 2 recently, Earth is currently in serious danger. In a last ditch revenge effort for Destiny 2’s Red War launch campaign, the Cabal reprogrammed their sun-eating ship, The Almighty, to plummet into Earth, The Traveler, and The Last City. Considering The Last City houses the last of humanity, and The Tower is where players turn in all their quests, the mission to stop The Almighty is high priority.

Players have spent all season launching War satellites for Rasputin — a giant, Russian supercomputer — to use against The Almighty. By threatening the Tower, it was pretty easy to call Bungie’s bluff; Destroying the game’s main social hub seems extremely unlikely. But the battle damage shown in the glitch suggests a much closer scrape with The Almighty than we thought.

The same Tower corner on live servers — in pristine condition
Image: Bungie via Polygon

It’s worth noting that the Tower is still standing in these damaged screenshots, meaning players will stop The Almighty by the end of the season. However, the level of destruction means the ship probably gets pretty close to the Tower before Rasputin destroys it. The damage to the Tower would then, presumably, come from falling debris. If this is in fact how the Tower damage occurs, players will likely see it by the end of May.

While The Almighty is likely the source of this destruction, it’s possible these battle scars won’t reveal themselves for several months. The new Darkness threat is coming to Destiny 2 — and teased heavily in Season of the Worthy. It’s possible this new threat could enter into the game before the end of the year, and some battle above Earth could cause damage to the Tower. But based on the little we know about The Darkness, any interaction with them near the Tower would cause far more damage than we see in those screenshots.

Season of the Worthy satellites
Launching satellites for Rasputin
Image: Bungie

The destruction of The Almighty seems to be the most likely case scenario, and would also explain why it was only recently added to the game. While tic-toc26 was able to see the physical space of the Tower, we don’t know if any of the game’s numerous NPCs could take damage in the battle.

Players still need to learn exactly how this damage will unfold, but we know one thing for sure: Something big is going to hit Destiny 2’s major social space in the coming months.

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