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7 trailers that have us hyped this week: Rick and Morty, Stargirl, and more

Plus, the sequel to the zombie hit Train to Busan

Rick and Morty return.
| Image: Adult Swim

A million trailers drop online every week, which can make it hard to keep track of what’s actually coming up in theaters and on home screens. To help parse through the endless stream of upcoming movie and TV releases, we’ve assembled a list of the most exciting (and in some cases, weirdest) trailers that came out this week, along with a hype level rating, tracking whether these particular trailers actually excited us about the upcoming product. Afraid you might have missed something? Fear no more.

This week brings us the trailer to the second half of the fourth season of Rick and Morty, as well as looks as Hulu’s adaptation of Sally Rooney’s novel Normal People, the Netflix rom-com Love Wedding Repeat, the sequel to Train to Busan, Cleopatra in Space, Trying, and Stargirl.

Normal People

Based on Sally Rooney’s novel of the same name, Normal People tells the story of two young sweethearts whose social places essentially flip-flop as they grow older, and how they deal with the changes and their continuing affection for each other. As they weave in and out of each others’ lives, they learn more about each other, and grow closer than ever.

Series release date: April 29 on Hulu

Hype level: 6. The drama, directed by Lenny Abrahamson (Room) looks lived-in and tender, plus the book was a hit.

Rick and Morty Season 4

Or maybe more accurately season 4.5? As per the song chosen to back the new trailer, the boys (Rick and Morty) are back in town. After the first part of the show’s fourth season aired in November and December of last year, it wasn’t entirely clear when the show would come back. As it turns out, the last five episodes of the season will be landing in May, along with the typical Rick and Morty mayhem.

Series release date: May 3 on Adult Swim

Hype level: 5, for being 50% of a season. Let’s see where this goes!

Love Wedding Repeat

Jack (Sam Claflin) just wants his little sister’s wedding day to go perfectly. Except his ex is here with her new boyfriend, a missed connection from his past shows up, and someone’s about to drunkenly profess his love to Jack’s little sister. What’s a bloke to do? Oh, yeah there’s also some timey-wimey Groundhog Day thing going on here, according to the summary? Weird.

Movie release date: April 10 on Netflix

Hype level: 6. It looks cute, but I’d be more into it if they were upfront about whatever weird timeline thing was happening.

Train to Busan: Peninsula

The 2016 Korean horror film Train to Busan was a hit, putting a new spin on zombie horror by setting all the action on a fast-moving train. The movie’s sequel, Peninsula, takes place four years later, with the world fully mired in the zombie apocalypse. There are cage matches, Mad Max-esque chases, and gore galore.

Movie release date: TBD

Hype level: 9. Docked one point for no more Ma Dong-seok.

Cleopatra in Space

Take Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, and put her in a time machine and toss her into the future of space exploration, aliens, and planets. I am so here for this.

Series release date: April 15 on Peacock

Hype level: 1,000,000. This is just so out there it just might work.


A couple realizes they can’t conceive, so they start the adoption process. Everyone seems to want to deter them, so they’ve got to keep their chins up.

Series release date: May 1 on Apple TV Plus

Hype level: 5. I chuckled a few times, but the whole “parents who clearly hate their kids” and “couple who can’t get along” shticks are a little tired at this point.


Not to be confused with the Disney Plus movie with the same name, this Stargirl isn’t a YA adaptation but a comic book one. The DC superheroine Stargirl is high school sophomore Courtney Whitmore, who finds a magical staff in her basement and takes up a heroic mantle. It joins the other CW DC shows with the same blend of campy special effects and a warm and gooey do-gooder attitude.

Series release date: May 19 on the CW

Hype level: 7. Is that LUKE WILSON?!


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