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Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ cherry blossom season is over soon

I’m worried I won’t get all the cherry blossom recipes in time

An Animal Crossing human wearing all black and standing in front of some cherry blossom trees and an eagle named Keaton Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon

I was devastated when I noticed this morning that cherry blossom petals are now everywhere. The wind’s blown them all over Sears, my Animal Crossing: New Horizons island. Yes, it’s lovely — but it signals something terrible. Cherry blossom season is almost over.

In real life, cherry blossoms bloom for around 14 days each year, but it’s even shorter in New Horizons. The trees have been tinged pink since April 1 and will remain that way until April 10 — and it’s only until then we’re able to collect cherry blossom leaves and find recipes for the seasonal furniture.

There are 14 different themed items that can be created, and they’re pretty rare. On Sears, I’ve only found recipes for four of those items: the Sakura-wood flooring, Cherry-blossom umbrella, Outdoor picnic set, and Cherry Blossom pochette. Polygon’s Karen Han was nice enough to gift me a Cherry-blossom clock and Cherry-blossom branches, and now I’m down to eight missing recipes. With under four days to go, time is not on my side — especially when most of my island is dominated by Bunny Day eggs and recipes.

The good news is, I’ve acquired all the materials I need to create all the recipes should I find them. I’ve been hoarding cherry blossom petals since the event began and I’ve acquired well over the 90 or so petals needed to create all the recipes. It’s just the recipes that have thwarted me thus far.

For the next few days, you’ll find me on Sears scouring the beaches for recipes in bottles and shooting down balloons. I’ve also been wildly running in front of my island residents in hopes they’ll decide to toss a recipe my way, and I think they’re starting to sense my desperation.

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