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See Fallout 76’s NPCs (and explosives) in a new Wastelanders trailer

Bar fights and fighting pits and raiders, oh my!

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Fallout 76’s next big expansion, Wastelanders, isn’t your typical update. The long-awaited Wastelanders add-on brings NPCs back into the game, along with traditional Fallout conversation trees, player choice, and factions. You can see it in action in the launch trailer that publisher Bethesda Softworks released Thursday.

The trailer shows some more of what we can expect, including an altercation in a newly constructed bar, The Wayward. It looks like players will have to help the bartender, Duchess, out of a few scrapes.

We also get a closer look at the two factions that are moving into Appalachia, and their motivation. It seems that there’s a “treasure” hidden in Appalachia, and so both hardworking, simple settlers and bloodthirsty, violent raiders have moved back into the region. Our Vault’s Overseer is concerned about their presence, especially since the story of Fallout 76 so far has centered around the Scorched plague that turns humans into an angry, zombie-esque Hivemind. Players will be tasked with solving these issues, but of course, both factions will offer quests and rewards.

Up until now, Fallout 76 players have been making their own stories set in the wasteland; having actual NPCs around should provide a little more structure for those who don’t have a role-play group at hand.

Wastelanders is set to be released April 14 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One; the expansion will be free for anyone who already owns a copy of Fallout 76. April 14 is also the date on which Fallout 76 will be launching on Steam. People who already own the PC version in the Launcher will be able to get the Steam version for free, as long as they link their accounts by 11:59 p.m. EDT on Sunday, April 12.

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