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Final Fantasy 14 promo art proves that notoriously dirty character bathes

There is now photo evidence that he owns some kind of bathtub

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A dragoon in red armor holds a glowing orange orb Image: Square Enix via Final Fantasy Wiki

The Final Fantasy 14 team has been uploading images of various characters doing things at home, a way to encourage folks to stay home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

While the images started off as tame, the third in the series escalated things. First, we saw Urianger reading a book, Alisae practicing combat, and now we see ... Estinien doing one-handed push-ups, mostly nude. Fans erupted with excitement on social media.

While this clear thirst-trap image is getting a lot of feral reactions from Estinien fans, a bulk of the fans are shocked by a new revelation: Estinien is capable of physical hygiene.

Estinien is known for being filthy, thanks to a storyline in the Heavensward expansion. The dragoon takes down Nidhogg, a dragon baddy, and ends up getting soaked in the dragon’s blood. The blood stains his armor, and later turns Estinien into a vessel for Nidhogg to possess, which causes all sorts of problems.

Officially, his armor was stained — and it would have to be presumably remade in order to get rid of the blood. But the (joking) fan response was, “Well, if Estinien just took a frickin’ shower, this probably could have been avoided.” (In all seriousness, he probably should have gotten a new set of armor shortly after his original set got corrupted.)

Later in the Shadowbringers expansion, there’s even a joke about how another character doesn’t want to take a shower, and your character has the option of replying, “What would Estinien say ...?”

That said, fans are shocked to see a washtub in the background of this promotional art. He takes baths? He has a clean apartment? He even hangs up his civilian clothes, rather than leaving them crumpled on the floor?

People are still extremely horny for this near-nude Estinien, though. They’re pretty valid, if you ask me.

This can only mean that the fourth and final image in the “Stay Home” series may be even more feral. I expect it to be a fully nude drawing of the Crystal Exarch and nothing else.

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