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Warframe gets an LA-Noire-style serial killer story

Uncover the secrets of the Glassmaker

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Warframe - The Ash Warframe poses, preparing to shoot a bow. Image: Digital Extremes

Today at 2 p.m. EST, Warframe players will be able to download a new update with brand new cosmetics, a few fixes, and a new mystery to uncover. This update includes the third series of Nightwave, which is the game’s battle-pass like system that gradually tells side stories within the Warframe universe. Previous Nightwave entries have been the tale of a famous felon and a story about a particularly suspicious cult leader. This time, we’re getting a noir-shaded story about a sinister serial killer.

Players can access Glassmaker by logging in. As they achieve in-game goals and challenges, they will earn access to a simulated environment that shows the serial killer’s crime scenes. From there, the world will work like a very sci-fi version of LA Noire.

Players walk around a crime scene where the terrible Glassmaker has struck, by turning their victims into glass. (It’s a very on-the-nose nickname.) The environment has clues that will tell us more about this Glassmaker and what they’re up to; we can likely expect this to culminate with a confrontation from the Glassmaker themselves in-game as the Nightwave event progresses.

The new update comes on the heels of changes to the new spaceship combat system, Railjack Revised, that make the frantic space combat mode feel a little less overwhelming and more consistent.

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