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Final Fantasy 7 Remake mod puts Cloud in a dress for the whole game

The best possible makeover

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Image: Square Enix via sefirya

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is full of detail, returning to old iconic scenes and bringing them up to a modern, fully rendered standard. For instance, in the original game, there’s a scene in which Cloud wears a dress and hair extensions. That’s back in the remake, and Cloud looks absolutely adorable. Some fans wish they could have more of that Cloud. That’s where mods come in.

Pryna, a Final Fantasy 7 fan on Twitter, modified the game’s save data to create an alternate version of the game where Cloud is always dressed up to kick some ass. They’ve embedded some clips and images of this newly reimagined remake, and it’s stunning. For instance, take this scene of Cloud facing off against Rufus Shinra.

Or how about this battle where Cloud defends himself against bad guy Reno and his mooks?

Even the rhythm game components look much more stylish now that Cloud is out of his usual garb of black cargo pants and sleeveless turtleneck. Now this is a protagonist I’d love to accompany to a night of karaoke.

Fans are still finding lots to adore in the remake, even though it only covers the first few hours of the original game. We likely won’t be seeing its next installment for some time now, but at least we can console ourselves with Cloud’s fashion sense, thanks to this great mod.

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