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Everything the New Mutants cast has done since New Mutants became a thing

It’s been a very productive few years for the New Mutants stars

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The New Mutants - mutants in a hallway Photo: Claire Folger/20th Century Fox

Disney and 20th Century’s New Mutants has another release date. Now it’s set for Aug. 28, 2020 ... the fifth release date for the Marvel-ish movie. When New Mutants was first announced, it was supposed to be a standalone horror spin-off of the X-Men franchise with a cast full of talented up-and-coming actors. That cast was announced in 2016, and now some of them are just regular-old famous. Consider this:

Maisie Williams

Williams was supposed to be the big star when 20th Century Fox — yes this movie technically outlived its studio — first announced her in the cast. At the time, just after season 5 aired, it seemed like her Game of Thrones character Arya was going to remain a sideline player relegated to far-away stories of assassin training. In the three seasons since then Arya became one of the series’ most important and beloved characters in arguably the most popular TV show of the last 20 years.

Charlie Heaton

In early 2016 Charlie Heaton had been in exactly zero popular movies and most people had probably never seen him in anything. Now he’s been in three — maybe four? — seasons of Stranger Things. And sure, he’s probably the eighth most famous person in that show’s cast, but he’s still got 4.5 million followers on Instagram.

Anya Taylor-Joy

Anya Taylor-Joy was a fresh talent when she signed on to New Mutants, having just come off of an outstanding lead performance in A24’s The Witch, which turned into a surprise hit in theaters. Since then she’s confirmed everyone’s hopes and also starred in about a dozen different projects including:

She isn’t quite as big a household name as her co-stars, but she’s certainly been in more movies and shows than anyone else in the young cast.

Henry Zaga

Since 2016 Zaga has built an entire career in a very specific demographic mostly consisting of teenagers. He spent nine episodes on Teen Wolf, and four on 13 Reasons Why. He’s got a supporting role in all eight episodes of Hulu’s great Looking for Alaska adaptation, and he’s one of the main love interested in Netflix’s good and very under-seen teen-dramedy Trinkets.

Blu Hunt

The only lead from New Mutants who still remains even close to an up-and-coming actor is Blu Hunt, who plays Danielle Moonstar in the movie. Last year, she appeared opposite Katee Sackhoff in the Netflix show Another Life.

Based on its track record so far, there’s a high probability that New Mutants won’t actually come out on Aug. 28. But hey, the five years since the movie was announced have been very kind to its stars. Maybe if it gets pushed back another year, one of them will win an Oscar.

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