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New Destiny 2 icon suggests a popular destination could get destroyed soon

Titan may not be long for this world

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Destiny 2 - Fallen enemies in Weapons Exchange Public Event Image: Bungie

With Bungie expected to announce a fall expansion soon, and a new season starting in early June, Destiny 2 fans are biding their time for new things to do. But as players speculate about upcoming content, the idea that Bungie may blow up an existing planet keeps creeping into the conversation.

For the past few weeks, players haven’t had any evidence that planetary doom was coming to Destiny 2 — outside of the usual, ever-looming threat of the Darkness. But the most recent reset added a seemingly insignificant clue that could confirm the destruction of one of Destiny 2’s original planets.

Destiny 2 icon planets limited time
Sloan’s New Pacific Arcology emblem, with a clear “Limited Time” marker on its corner
Image: Bungie via Polygon

Every planet in vanilla Destiny 2 offered an emblem — colored to fit that planet’s theme. In modern Destiny 2, players can buy these emblems from the planetary vendor. But for some reason, the New Pacific Arcology emblem from Sloan on Titan has an orange clock icon in the upper-left corner, signifying that this item is only available for a limited time.

Usually, the limited time tag is reserved for emblems or items players need to get before the end of period of time, like before the daily reset or a new season. When the time is up, the item will rotate to something else temporarily, or leave the game forever. The matching emblems for the other original planets — the EDZ, Io, and Nessus — don’t have limited time warnings on them, leaving players to wonder: What the hell is going to happen to Titan?

Destiny 2 icon planets limited time
Devrim’s matching icon, free of any limited time warning
Image: Bungie via Polygon

Naturally, the Destiny subreddit has hundreds of thoughts behind the meaning of this strange new icon. Some players seem to think Bungie will destroy Titan sometime between now and the fall. While others think Titan could be the primary location for the fall expansion.

The “will Bungie destroy a planet” idea comes from Destiny 2 game director Luke Smith and general manager Mark Noseworthy saying the team can’t grow Destiny 2 forever — the game takes up too much hard drive space. The idea is that if Bungie wants to add more content in the future, which the developer likely will this fall, it needs to take something away first. And with this new icon on the Titan emblem, players finally have some in-game evidence to latch onto.

It’s possible this was an unintentional change on Bungie’s part, rather than some kind of elaborate tease. But players will surely spend the next few months debating whether the icon was an intended feature accidentally released early, or a bug that randomly attached itself to the Titan emblem. Either way, Destiny fans are eager for answers.

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