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Wil Wheaton stopped by our Twitch channel for a chat

We hung out with a man so famous, he plays himself on TV!

Wil Wheaton is a creator who needs no introduction — but just in case, he’s a renowned actor who’s been performing for nearly 40 years. He’s hosted esports competitions and board game shows, lent his voice to dozens of animated and video game characters, and published everything from fiction to weekly columns. He’s such a nerd legend that he appears as himself on The Big Bang Theory.

And we had a chance to sit down and talk to him about all of it, live on our Twitch channel! Besides discussing what it’s like to play a rude, fictional version of yourself (therapeutic, according to Wheaton), we talk DnD, audiobooks, and his new and timely project, Gamers vs. COVID-19.

Despite the long list of accomplishments, Wheaton livestreamed his gaming habit for the first time only the prior week, so we talk through just how hard it is to stream while playing, all while making Pat play Journey for us. Thankfully, the radiant tone-poem of a game looks and plays as beautifully as ever.

If you’d like to follow this and all our future livestreams, head over to our Twitch channel and follow that thing right now! This is the second in a multi-part streaming series featuring the Polygon crew and gaming celebrities, powered by Alienware. The first part, a conversation with actress and musician Janina Gavankar, is available to view on Twitch right now.