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Call of Duty: Warzone players are already taking advantage of others opening Bunker 11

You wouldn’t think a jeep could fit down there ...

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A solider in Call of Duty: Warzone wearing green Image: Infinity Ward/Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone players recently discovered a new Easter egg in the battle royale map — after Monday night’s midnight patch — which allows them to open a massive bunker in the Verdansk map. And while plenty of players are working very hard to discover the brand new Easter egg for themselves, others are waiting for random squads to do the work for them.

Opening Bunker 11 takes some serious work for interested players. Squads need to find a ringing phone somewhere on the giant map, translate some Russian, and then visit three other ringing phones in a specific order. Once they’ve done all that, they can open the bunker, pick up a bunch of bonus loot, and get an exclusive blueprint for the MP7.

But that’s a lot of work, and Reddit users like VeryOldYoda and Dry-House are hanging out and preying upon unsuspecting squads.

VeryOldYoda decided to parachute near Bunker 11, and found a fresh squad arriving in a helicopter. Being an “asshole,” as the Reddit comments call them, VeryOldYoda pulled out an RPG, blasted the helicopter housing the entire enemy squad, and reaped the Bunker 11 rewards for themselves.

Dry-House, another Reddit user, went for a more subtle approach.

After hearing enemies open the Bunker 11 doors, Dry-House runs down a cliff into a waiting jeep, drives through the doors of Bunker 11, and through the two unsuspecting players who had just discovered this new Easter egg — further proof that cars are always intruding on your Warzone moments when you least suspect them.

If you’re trying to open Bunker 11, consider leaving a lookout when you go inside. You never know who is just waiting for the perfect chance to steal your thunder.

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