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Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head comes to Dead by Daylight

A new killer, a new survivor, and Silent Hill’s elementary school are coming to Dead by Daylight’s next chapter

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Silent Hill’s iconic monster, Pyramid Head, is coming to Dead by Daylight, the 4v1 asymmetrical multiplayer horror game from Behaviour Interactive, alongside other content inspired by Konami’s psychological horror franchise. Pyramid Head, new survivor Cheryl Mason, and the Midwich Elementary School map are live now on Dead by Daylight’s public test build on Steam and will be released widely on PC and consoles on June 16.

Behaviour Interactive unveiled Dead by Daylight: Silent Hill, a new chapter of paid DLC for the horror game, on Tuesday during a livestream celebrating the game’s fourth year of content. During that stream, the developer also announced cross-play support and a major graphics overhaul for Dead by Daylight.

Pyramid Head joins Dead by Daylight’s lineup of killers, which includes a variety of original and licensed bad guys like Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street, the Demogorgon from Stranger Things, and Michael Myers from Halloween. Pyramid Head will be known as The Executioner in Dead by Daylight, and will wield his trademark heavy blade, the Great Knife.

Pyramid Head will stand apart from Dead by Daylight’s other killers in his abilities. He can attack with a ranged attack that goes through objects and use his blade to dig trenches that survivors will be forced to navigate through or around, and can quickly send captured survivors to a space called the Cage of Atonement, instead of hanging his victims on the game’s traditional meathook, speeding up the sacrificing process.

Artwork of Pyramid Head from Dead by Daylight: Silent Hille Image: Behaviour Interactive/Konami
Artwork of Cheryl (Heather) Mason from Dead by Daylight: Silent Hill Image: Behaviour Interactive/Konami

Dead by Daylight’s version of Pyramid Head is based on his Silent Hill 2 appearance, according to Dave Richard, creative director at Behaviour, but players will also be able to give Pyramid Head alternate looks. The same is true for the new survivor character, Cheryl Mason (aka Heather from Silent Hill 3). One of Cheryl’s skins is modeled after Lisa Garland, the nurse who appeared in the original Silent Hill and Silent Hill 3.

Dead by Daylight: Silent Hill’s new map, Midwich Elementary, is based on the school location from the original game. The map blends the Fog World and Otherworld aesthetics of the Silent Hill franchise into one location. The Midwich Elementary map will include a smattering of secrets and Easter eggs for players to uncover (if they’re willing to try to find them while trying to survive), according to Behaviour. (The school has been scrubbed of any Kindergarten Cop references, I’m told.)

Capping off the Silent Hill and Dead by Daylight crossover is a collaboration with composer Akira Yamaoka, whose mix of melodic and industrial music helped define the atmosphere of Silent Hill. Yamaoka consulted with composer Michel F. April for a new Silent Hill-tinged version of Dead by Daylight’s theme song.

Dead by Daylight is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One. A mobile version is also on Android and iOS devices. For a closer look at Dead by Daylight: Silent Hill’s new killer, survivor, and map, check out the gallery below.

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