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Destiny players can finally see The Almighty ship plummeting toward Earth

With two weeks left in the season, the threat is becoming real

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Destiny Tower almighty in the sun
For the first time ever, we recommend you look directly into the sun
Image: Bungie via Polygon
Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

Destiny 2’s Season of the Worthy ends on June 9, but the overall story is just starting to heat up. At the start of the season, the Cabal enemy faction pointed a giant ship called the Almighty at Guardians’ hub city. And as we near the season’s close, players have spotted the Almighty looming in the distance.

The Almighty was part of the finale for Destiny 2’s Red War campaign back in 2017. It’s a giant spaceship that uses parts of a planet — in this case, Mercury — to attack a solar system’s sun, causing it to explode. Guardians stopped the Almighty before it could destroy the solar system, and it’s been floating outside the sun for three years.

Some rogue Cabal — presumably pissed after losing the war — turned the ship around and gave it one last push toward the Tower. For months, Guardians have been doing public events for the giant computer, Rasputin, to build satellite missiles to take out the Almighty before it can deal any real damage.

The story of Season of the Worthy focused more on Rasputin than the Almighty, so players haven’t gotten much of an update on its location in a few months. But on Tuesday, May 26, players started to spot the Almighty in the Tower sky box.

It’s so small and hard to see that it was easy to dismiss as just seeing things. But after spending an embarrassingly long time staring at the sun ourselves (seen in the image above), we can confirm the Almighty is plummeting toward the last bastions of civilization.

If you stare at the sun during certain times of the day, you can see an H shaped ship angled slightly. Some players claim the ship is much easier to see if you turn your brightness level down (which you can see in the Tweet above).

For players up to date on all the latest Destiny leaks, the appearance of the Almighty in the Tower isn’t a surprise. Weeks ago, players accidentally loaded into a partially destroyed version of the Tower — and we recently replicated the bug by replaying the Red War campaign.

It appears that sometime between now and June 9, Rasputin and Guardians will destroy the Almighty just before it hits the tower, and the debris will deal some major damage to the social space. It’s currently unclear if the Almighty is getting closer every day.

Bungie still hasn’t revealed the theme of season 11 or the fall expansion, and players have no idea if there will be any fallout from the Almighty debris hitting the tower. The studio will likely reveal its plans for upcoming Destiny content in the next few weeks.

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