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Fan releases Super Mario 64 port for PC, no emulator required

You can find the latest Super Mario 64 PC port, but it will take some digging

Players have been emulating and modding Super Mario 64 for years now. But a new port of the game has mysteriously popped up online: a fully functional, native 4K version of the game for PC, powered by DirectX 12.

A YouTube channel called Unreal (no relation to Epic Games’ property of the same name) posted a 12-minute gameplay video of the new port, which was spotted by VGC. It looks like the Super Mario 64 you remember, not the one that actually existed on your Nintendo 64. This version of the game is not emulated, and has built-in controller support, including the ability to use analog sticks to move the camera.

Unlike other fan-made ports and homebrew games based on Nintendo properties, the Super Mario 64 PC port dropped without advance notice. The port can be difficult if you don’t know where to look — even most Reddit comment threads won’t link the game.

“They actually did it the right way,” wrote Reddit user Jadentheman, in response to the fully released project. Instead of announcing DX12 Super Mario 64 and putting out a single level, the creator dumped the entire game online over the weekend with little fanfare. While Nintendo will surely hunt down download links to the game, the sudden release gives players a short window to find the game and download it before it goes away — which is why fans are trying to protect the new PC port by not sharing it on public forums.

While it’s not confirmed, it’s speculated this new port is a result of the decompiled Super Mario 64 source code that leaked last year.

This DirectX 12 version of Super Mario 64 comes only a few weeks after a rumors of the game’s Switch port, which is reportedly coming later this year, alongside other Mario games like Super Mario Galaxy.

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