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Animal Crossing frog villagers react hilariously when you give them frogs

A little existential crisis, as a treat

A villager sits next to a frog in Animal Crossing. Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

It’s a new month in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which means a fresh slate of things to catch. One such collectible includes the pond-dwelling frog ... which also happens to be a villager type. Surely you see where this is going, right?

New Horizons fans love to mess with their villagers, and one popular method involves giving characters a pet version of their own species. Hamsters will watch in awe, for example, as a “real” hamster spins around in their little wheels. Frogs are a little different, though.

For one thing, the flavor text you get when you catch an amphibian breaks the fourth wall and pokes fun at the strange doubling-up of the situation.

When you actually present a villager with a specimen, though, they’ll act as if you’re giving them any old thing. This can lead to some amazing exchanges, as you see in the social media posts below.

The lazy villagers who say they kinda want to eat the frogs may sound horrifying, but today I was surprised to learn that frogs can actually be cannibals in real life. They’re not discriminating about it, either — some frogs will eat their own siblings!

To balance out this terrible knowledge, I now present you with the nice scenery that you can enjoy at the museum, should you choose to donate the frog rather than try and torture a villager with it.


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