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PUBG gets new lore in a creepy and amazing video narrated by Jonathan Frakes

Greenlight the Mysteries Unknown Netflix series immediately

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Austen Goslin (he/him) is an entertainment editor. He writes about the latest TV shows and movies, and particularly loves all things horror.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has never had much lore to speak of, but that’s slowly changing. Developer PUBG Corp. released a new video that dives into the tragic history of Vikendi and it’s cursed theme park Dinoland.

The video takes the form of a ’90s style investigation show called Mysteries Unknown. To pull off the perfect homage, the series is even narrated by Star Trek actor, and, more importantly, Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction host Jonathan Frakes.

In the episode of Mysteries Unknown, Frakes explains to us the history of Dinoland, the now-abandoned theme park on the newly updated Vikendi, PUBG’s snowy map. The park, was originally owned by Carl Lindh, but Lindh had a rather malevolent son named Alex who disaster seemed to follow.

The first tragedy was the death of the park’s mascot, Alex the T-Rex. The mascot shared Lindh’s son’s name, and based on the voice-over, (which could be Lindh’s son himself) the son wasn’t very happy about someone else getting to represent his father’s park. The T-Rex-costumed employee mysteriously fell onto some railroad tracks — or maybe was pushed by Lindh’s son — and was killed, forcing the park to close.

After a couple more tragedies, the entire island of Vikendi was bought by someone who’s identity is listed as Unknown ... which sure does sound suspiciously like the name of the game. For now, that’s where the episode of Mysteries Unknown ends, along with a character — probably-Alex — doing a voiceover saying he has a new dad, whose games he likes much more. Then probably-Alex says, “winner winner chicken dinner.”

While this isn’t exactly a lot to go on, it certainly seems that PUBG Corp. may be turning the mysterious PlayerUnknown into a character within the game world. More importantly, it seems that he might be the proprietor of all the various PUBG islands and the battle royale competitions players participate in on them.

Whatever the answers are, here’s to hoping we get a few more episodes of Mysteries Unknown to help us piece together the truth.

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