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Rockstar made green and purple alien suits free in GTA Online, adding fuel to the alien war fire

All wars are civil wars, because all men are brothers

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Grand Theft Auto Online - a character previews the green alien body suit Image: Rockstar Games via Polygon
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Grand Theft Auto Online’s alien gangs have taken over the world, and Rockstar is adding fuel to the fire. As of Thursday, players can pick up a Purple Martian Bodysuit or a Green Martian Bodysuit for free in-game. And while they’re at it, alien gang hopefuls can grab a free pool cue from Ammu-nation.

For the uninitiated, the alien gang war is a new trend in GTA Online. The idea is a group of players join up, dress in a Green (or Purple) Martian Bodysuit, jump in a van together, and mercilessly beat unsuspecting players with pool cues. If that sounds hilarious or annoying, we can assure you: it’s both.

This clip from Reddit user StraightWhiteMale02 has over 28,000 up votes on the GTA Online subreddit.

Players in Purple Martian Bodysuits have ganged up in opposition to the Green Martian Bodysuit players, and now all hell has broken loose. GTA Online now has its own, internal gang war. Players are spending hours grouped up with their friends, dressed in green or purple bodysuits, looking for players in the opposite color to beat with baseball bats.

Like most things in GTA, it would be disturbing if it wasn’t so funny. These bodysuits used to be fairly expensive, at over $330,000 each. But Rockstar seems to be encouraging players to join one of the two alien gangs by making both suits — and the signature pool cue weapon — free for the time being.

Innocent civilians just looking to drive a car around the city of Los Santos: If you can’t beat them, join them.

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