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Apex Legends is getting a PvE mode for its new seasonlong quest

The quest will be called ‘The Broken Ghost’

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an Apex Legends screenshot of Loba crouched next to a robot with Wraith behind them Image: Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts

Apex Legends has had seasons since it debuted in 2019, but those seasons usually just mean a new battle pass, a new character, and some map changes. Season 5 has all of those things, but developer Respawn Entertainment is also adding a new feature called the Season Quest.

The quest, called “The Broken Ghost,” will take players on a journey to find nine pieces of a “mysterious artifact,” Respawn said Friday in a blog post. Players can collect a daily Treasure Pack during any Apex Legends match. These Treasure Packs function like regular loot, except you get them as soon as they’re picked up, rather than them going in your inventory, so you won’t lose one if you die after grabbing. Treasure Packs give rewards — such as Crafting Materials, battle pass XP, and Apex Packs — as well as new Hunts.

Hunts are weekly missions that send players, either solo or in a squad, searching through Kings Canyon for pieces of the aforementioned artifact. During these missions, players will have to fight off dangerous enemies like prowlers. If you complete a mission that you’ve unlocked from a Treasure Pack, you may earn a piece of the artifact — and get one step closer to completing the quest.

Along with pieces of the artifact, Hunts will also give players rewards and story chapters that will help explain some of season 5’s bigger mysteries. Once you’ve got all nine pieces of the artifact, you’ll “dive into the past, and uncover a secret that the Outlands might not be ready for,” according to Respawn.

The first Hunt will be available on May 19, a week after season 5 begins. Players can access their first Hunt after they’ve collected five Treasure Packs. Each Hunt after the first will be released once per week until all nine are available to play.

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