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Former Sega mascot Alex Kidd gets a new look in upcoming remake

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It’s been 30 years ...

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Beloved Sega mascot Alex Kidd is getting a revamped look in Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX.

The game is listed on Steam to drop in the first quarter of 2021, though no other consoles or release dates have been announced yet. The game will also have a “retro mode” for those who aren’t too keen on Alex’s increased number of pixels.

Just like Shenmue, Sega is passing off their beloved character to another company to bring into the modern gaming era. This time, Merge Games, the folks who also published the new Streets of Rage (and other great indies like Moonlighter) are taking a swing at it.

Alex Kidd was seen as a Sega company mascot until Sonic the Hedgehog was introduced in 1991. The monkey-like character hasn’t gotten a new game in 30 years, with his last appearance being Alex Kidd in Shinobi World for the Master System.

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