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I built the perfect gamer space

And it only takes four minutes to crawl into it!

PC gaming is often lauded as the pinnacle of gaming, but no one wants to talk about one of its most difficult obstacles: space.

Consoles can plug into a communal TV, but gaming PCs need a desk, a chair, and a monitor, among other things. I live with two roommates in a three-bedroom apartment in New York City, which means space is at a premium. In fact, the only unused personal space I have in my apartment is a 4-foot-wide square next to my radiator. As a result, I had accepted that PC gaming was simply not viable in my current digs, and my gaming PC was placed in my closet to fester for the past year.

But due to a sponsorship (and the budget that came along with it), I decided it was time to turn my 16-square feet of unused personal space into a PC gamer’s paradise. And after weeks of building, I developed the perfect gamer space.

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