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Hearthstone rolls out a free solo adventure

Fight against Mecha-Jaraxxus on Outland

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Hearthstone - Mecha Jaraxxus, the final boss of Ashes of Outland Image: Blizzard Entertainment
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This summer, Blizzard have been running a “Felfire Festival” in Hearthstone, which comes on the heels — or hooves — of the Demon Hunter class, the first new class since the game’s launch. Today, players will be able to access a five-chapter Solo Adventure. Unlike with previous adventures, all five chapters are free, and they can all be accessed today. There are no time-gates or additional purchases.

The adventure has players take the role of Aranna Starseeker, who ends up becoming a Demon Hunter and joining forces with Illidan to fight the Rusted Legion. The Rusted Legion is a new spin on long-time Warcraft villains the Burning Legion. It is led by Mecha-Jaraxxus, who has used metal implants and technology to create a whole new army of demons.

Completing the solo adventure will reward players with a new card back. A bundle is also available for sale, which contains 20 packs for the Ashes of Outland expansion, and Aranna Starseeker as a new playable Demon Hunter character, as well as an Aranna-themed card back.

Next week, players will be able to participate in Trial by Felfire Challenges, which will queue up powerful bosses. Players will need to build their own deck and fight through these bosses to get a golden Kael’Thas legendary card. This legendary card makes every third spell cast during one turn free; if players missed the original opportunity to earn him, they have another shot to add him to their collection.

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