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This streaming site shows you which Valorant streamers are playing your favorite Agent

It’s also an easy way to see who’s playing Valorant’s new map

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Cypher, Brimstone, and Sage from Valorant stand side by side Image: Riot Games
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Valorant’s only been out for a day and there are already hundreds of streamers and content creators playing it and vying for your attention. With all these options, it can be hard to figure out which streamers to watch. But a new website called makes that process a little easier. lets you sort streamers based on the map or Agent that they’re currently playing. You can even widen the search field a bit by choosing multiple Agents but keeping it limited to just one or two maps. This way you can find exactly the stream you want, or the one that’s most helpful.

It’s also the easiest way to catch a glimpse of Valorant’s newest content in action. You can search specifically for streamers that are playing Reyna, the game’s newest Agent, or on Ascent, the game’s new map. The site also tracks each streamer’s current round score, in case you wanted to see a game that was just starting, or avoid watching a streamer who’s stuck in a matchmaking queue.

Instead of relying on data from Riot or Valorant itself, reads the information on each streamer’s screen to determine which map they’re playing on and their Agent. The added bonus of this kind of tracking, both for streamers and viewers, is that it won’t rely on Twitch’s algorithm to suggest streamers to you.

Since is tracking hundreds of streams, including those with single-digit viewers, it can point you in the direction of small streamer you may not have found otherwise, just because they happened to be playing Viper on Bind when that was exactly what you were looking for.

For now the site only tracks map and Agent, but once Riot releases Valorant’s ranked mode, the system will track that as well. All of this should add up to making the game much easier to learn, since you can find streamers who are specifically playing the Agent you want to know about or the map you want to improve on. Or you can use it as a really easy way to just check out all of Valorant’s new changes.

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