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Everything you need to know about Valorant’s first battle pass

The pass has 12 gun skins and a knife skin at tier 50

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Shooting a Vandal rifle in Valorant Image: Riot Games
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Valorant has officially gone live, and that means there’s a shiny new battle pass full of cosmetics waiting for players. As with the battle passes from many other games, Valorant’s dozens of cosmetic-only items for players to unlock. Players can earn these items by gaining XP from playing the game and completing quests to level up through the pass’ 50 tiers.

The battle pass is tied to the game’s current content episode, called Ignition. Riot will continue to update Valorant with new episodes every few months, in the same way that many games have seasons.

The Episode 1 battle pass sells for 1000 Valorant points ($10). The pass has 12 gun skins and one knife skin, which is the last item to unlock in the pass. On top of those items, the pass also has 130 Radianite Points that players can earn, which can upgrade certain weapon skins in the game.

Kingdom Bucky — Tier 1

Valorant’s Kingdom Bucky shotgun skin Image: Riot Games

Kingdom Spectre — Tier 5

Valorant’s Kingdom Spectre smg skin Image: Riot Games

Couture Bulldog — Tier 10

Valorant’s Coulture Bulldog skin Image: Riot Games

Couture Stinger — Tier 15

Valorant’s Coulture Stinger smg skin Image: Riot Games

Couture Frenzy — Tier 16

Valorant’s Coulture Frenzy skin Image: Riot Games

Couture Marshal — Tier 20

Valorant’s Coulture Marshal skin Image: Riot Games

Kingdom Phantom — Tier 25

Valorant’s Kingdom Phantom Skin Image: Riot Games

Dot Exe Odin — Tier 30

Valorant’s Dot Exe Odin skin Image: Riot Games

Dot Exe Ghost — Tier 35

Valorant’s Dot Exe Ghost skin Image: Riot Games

Dot Exe Judge — Tier 40

Valorant’s Dot Exe Judge Skin Image: Riot Games

Dot Exe Vandal — Tier 45

Valorant’s Dot Exe Vandal skin Image: Riot Games

Kingdom Classic — Free final tier

Valorant’s Kingdom Classic pistol skin Image: Riot Games

Kingdom Melee — Tier 50

Valorant’s Kingdom Knife skin Image: Riot Games

Players that don’t want to buy the battle pass won’t be left out of the action entirely. Riot is also offering a free pass that will give players a few rewards like titles, sprays, and eventually even a weapon skin. On top of that, everyone, whether they pay or not, will earn XP for the battle pass overall, so if you decide to buy the pass later you’ll get credit for all the tiers you’ve already unlocked.

Riot hasn’t announced how long Episode 1: Ignition will be, or how long players will have to unlock all the tiers in this first battle pass.

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