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YouTubers are creating monetized videos for those who can’t donate to Black Lives Matter

Remember to turn ad-blockers off!

Petrana Radulovic is an entertainment reporter specializing in animation, fandom culture, theme parks, Disney, and young adult fantasy franchises.

For those who want to support the Black Lives Matter movement but are unable to donate time or money, YouTubers are creating monetized videos specifically for the cause.

YouTuber Zoe Amira uploaded the first of these, an hour-long video highlighting music, poetry, and art from black artists, with 100% of the ad revenue going directly to organizations offering bail funds, financial support for victims’ families, and advocacy (all listed at the beginning of the video). The video was uploaded on May 30 and has been shared across internet communities primarily made up of teens and young adults who aren’t financially independent, such as stan Twitter and Tumblr.

Watching the video with ad-blockers disabled and the volume on — and making sure not to skip the ads — generates revenue. Don’t mute the video itself, but you can mute the tab if necessary.

Stan Twitter regularly comes together to help boost the music-video rankings and streams of their favorite artists, and many individuals have offered tips on how best to take advantage of YouTube’s system so repeat views aren’t counted as spam. Dubbed the “5/+/r/3/a/m” method by one YouTube user, the process involves watching between three to five random videos after the first stream. Others have also advised taking breaks and searching manually for the video.

Other YouTubers, like Stephanie Soo and touchdalight, have followed suit with videos monetized specifically for Black Lives Matters causes, with a wide gamut of topics ranging from mukbangs to conversations about racism. They can all be found in this playlist.

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