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Destiny 2’s next season is about to start, here’s where the story stands

Bungie’s shooter is headed for Darkness

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Destiny 2 season of the worthy Image: Bungie
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Destiny 2’s Season of the Worthy is nearly over, and Bungie will announce and launch Season 11 on Tuesday, June 9. With The Darkness on Guardian’s front door, here’s where the game’s story stands leading into season 11.

The Almighty and threat to the Tower

In Season of Dawn, players faced off against the final remnants of the Red Legion, the army of Cabal that attacked The Last City in Destiny 2’s Red War campaign. In a final act of revenge, Amtec, a Red Legion Psion, boarded the Red Legion’s Almighty ship and sent it on a crash course toward Earth and The Last City.

The Almighty, a sun-destroying ship that players disabled during the Red War campaign, slowly drifted toward The Last City for months leading up to the crash. To protect the city, Guardians worked alongside Rasputin, the Warmind computer, to build a network of satellites (as seen in the Seraph Tower public event).

The Guardians’ goal was to launch the satellite missiles at The Almighty and destroy it before it could deal any damage to The Last City, the Traveler, and the Tower. But the Guardians’ efforts were a bit too late. Two weeks before the season ended, The Almighty appeared in the sky above the Tower. And on Saturday, June 6, Rasputin finally blew the ship up in low orbit — but not without debris raining down on the Tower, damaging some of the social space.

With The Almighty destroyed, Guardians have dealt with Season of the Worthy’s major threat, and hopefully have seen the last of the Red Legion. But the revelations about Felwinter and threat of the Darkness give us a good idea where things are going next.

Felwinter’s true identity

During the Felwinter’s Lie quest, Guardians learned some secrets about Felwinter and his relationship to Rasputin.

Felwinter was one of the original Iron Lords, way before the original Destiny began. These Iron Lords were like Marvel’s Avengers, before the Vanguard was ever established. Other Guardians players have met in-game, like Lord Saladin and Lady Efrideet of the Iron Banner, served alongside Felwinter as Iron Lords.

The Felwinter’s Lie quest told players that before Felwinter was a Guardian, an Exo under the control of Rasputin. Apparently Felwinter existed so Rasputin could walk among humans and begin to understand them. Rasputin called this protocol SIDDARTHA GOLEM.

After Felwinter died, a Ghost named Felspring resurrected him as a Guardian — a process which leaves the new Guardian with no memory of their past life. No longer in control of Felwinter, Rasputin launched Warsat satellites at him and his Ghost in an attempt to destroy both. Felwinter found safety with the Iron Lords, but Rasputin lured him to his doom using SIVA — a Golden Age technology capable of rebuilding the destroyed world.

In an effort to rebuild humanity, Felwinter led a charge on the Siva Replication Chamber in the Plaguelands of the Cosmodrome on Earth to claim the technology. Rasputin activated SIVA, killing all the Iron Lords but Lord Saladin and Lady Efrideet — including Felwinter.

During the Felwinter’s Lie quest, Rasputin confessed to Guardians that he viewed Felwinter as his own son, and that he destroyed him not out of logic, but out of jealousy and a lack of control over what was once his. Rasputin suggests that the SIDDARTHA GOLEM protocol worked, and that he’d learned to feel as a human does.

Rasputin felt regret over what he did to Felwinter, which showed he’s capable of more than just cold logic. This could lead to the Vanguard, and Guardians, trusting Rasputin more as the Darkness nears our solar system.

The arrival of the Pyramid ships

A few weeks into Season of the Worthy, the walls of Rasputin’s Seraph Bunkers came alive. The wall previously housed a simple map of our solar system in Russian. But after the Io bunker opened, the right side of the map had warning lights in the shape of triangles. Each week, the triangles moved closer to playable destinations like Titans, and more triangle shapes following behind.

At the end of the season, the blinking red lights took up much of the wall. Due to their shape, these lights likely represent The Darkness and their Pyramid ships. In Shadowkeep, players entered a single Pyramid ship hiding under the Moon’s surface, and the end of Destiny 2’s Red War cutscene teased an armada of Pyramid ships waking up in deep space.

In an interaction between Rasputin and Commander Zavala, the Vanguard leader forged an alliance with Rasputin, and promised to put all focus on the Darkness once the threat of the Almighty is over.

Now, at Season of the Worthy’s end, all eyes are on the Pyramid ships for season 11 and the unannounced fall expansion.

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