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We talked anime with ProZD on Twitch

A talk with King Dragon himself

There’s a high chance you’ve seen SungWon Cho, also known as ProZD, somewhere on the internet. He recited Peter Pan from memory. He sang Evanescence’s “Bring Me to Life” as Goofy. And earlier this week, I asked him about all of it.

SungWon has been making videos on YouTube (and Vine before that) for years as ProZD, but he’s also a prolific voice actor. He voiced FL4K in Borderlands 3 and plenty of other characters in cartoons and video games, which you can see in his visual voice acting reel.

I got to ask him how he balances his online persona with his more traditional voice acting career, and learn the story of how he got his famously deep voice.

This was the third in our streaming series featuring the Polygon crew and gaming celebrities, powered by Alienware. All three interviews (including ones with Janina Gavankar and Wil Wheaton) are available to watch on Twitch right now.