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The Sims 4 finally lets me kill and then eat other Sims

I am now hunting the most dangerous game

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The Sims 4: Eco Living - two Sims discuss environmental measures in a front yard Image: Maxis / Electronic Arts
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The Sims 4: Eco Living promises a delightful romp for eco-conscious players who want to rehabilitate their smoggy neighborhoods and help change the world. That’s fantastic, but I’m really into the expansion because it allows me to consume the flesh of other Sims in a hedonistic orgy of violence and practical recycling.

Here’s how the mechanic works: there is a new kind of item, the Fabricator. These devices work similarly to Star Trek-style replicators; I can go ahead and create new items instead of purchasing them from the store. I just need to acquire parts, which I can obtain through recycling. This encourages the player to go through their daily life and recycle items they no longer need. They can even go out and dumpster dive if they want to truly immerse themselves in an ecologically friendly lifestyle.

Here’s where things get really interesting. Sims can murder each other. It’s not a straightforward process, and some of the tried and true methods from past games like removing a ladder from a pool have been removed. But you can still eliminate other Sims through clever means.

For instance, if a Sim is absolutely humiliated, they can eventually die from the sheer amount of shame. Or if you ask them to sleep in a Murphy bed, it can snap up and trap the poor victim between the bed and the wall until they perish. A Sim who is good at cooking can prepare a deadly pufferfish meal that will poison their victim. If you’re particularly mean, you could use your vampire powers to turn a neighbor into a vampire. Then, you could use your vampire powers to put that neighbor to sleep in the sun, so they can have a nice toasty nap.

Once a Sim dies, they leave an urn or a gravestone behind. That is an item that a Sim can pick up and kindly recycle.

The Sims 4 - a row of gravestones sitting beneath a gnarled oak tree
An entire balanced diet waiting to be prepared!
Image: Maxis / Electronic Arts

So, I may have murdered a few Sims around town. Then, I may have recycled their remains.

And then I made it into a salad! Yum, delicious!

Eco Living is an expansion pack where the marquee features add a lot of spice to the day-to-day schedules of Sims. Unlike Realm of Magic, where the magic system largely nullified most of the game due to how powerful it was, Eco Living doesn’t warp the rest of the game around it. Instead, it’s more about making the neighborhood feel alive. Sims fall into new routines, have new activities to perform, and have some new goals to accomplish.

That is, unless you’re me. At this point, I’m currently drawing up an action plan. There are a lot of Sims who generated into this world with stupid haircuts or Star Wars outfits that break immersion and I’m not going to stand for it.

Instead, I’m going to work on my dinner hosting skills. I am going to learn the best way to serve Sims.

Do not read any further into that. Nothing nefarious will happen. Everything is fine.

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