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Lego and Nintendo are making a Lego NES

Elaborate 2,646-piece Lego set comes with a TV, cartridge, and more

NES Classic Edition photos Photo: Samit Sarkar/Polygon

The collaboration between Lego and Nintendo will go beyond the Lego Super Mario series of play sets set to launch in August. Lego is also making a brick-based version of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System, according to leaked information for a set that was teased by Lego on Monday.

On Twitter, the official Lego account posted a darkened video of an upcoming set with the words “Are you ready to play like never before?” The five-second teaser shows what is clearly an NES system, a controller, and a CRT television, which would logically be composed of plastic Lego bricks.

But clear photos of the Lego NES were leaked prior to the tease from Hong Kong-based outlet VJGamer, which shows the 8-bit console with its controller, a Super Mario Bros. NES cartridge, and a vintage tube television.

According to details posted by VJGamer and German website StoneWars, the 2,646-piece Lego Nintendo Entertainment System set will feature an elaborate build for the brick-based television. A crank on the side of the TV will make an onscreen Mario jump up and down, and make the onscreen Super Mario Bros. playfield scroll right to left. The set also appears to work with the Lego Super Mario sets. StoneWars lists the price for the set at €299.99 (about $340).

Lego and Nintendo have not officially announced a release date or pricing for the Lego NES set.

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