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The trailer for Lucifer season 5 pits the Devil against his evil twin

The show returns on Netflix

At the end of Lucifer’s fourth season, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) returned to Hell to claim his throne, leaving his friends and loved ones behind on Earth. The first trailer for the fifth season abruptly turns things around by revealing that Lucifer’s coming back — or is he?

The series, which has made its home on Netflix since being cancelled on Fox after its third season, will debut its fifth season in two parts. The first bundle of eight episodes will drop on Aug. 21. There is no set release date yet for the season’s second half.

For now, however, the trailer sets up a comedy of errors, as Lucifer hasn’t actually returned to Earth — rather, his twin has. Michael, who looks exactly like him, is looking to upend Lucifer’s life, and force him to come back to Earth to deal with it, so if you’ve ever wanted to watch Tom Ellis fight himself, today’s your lucky day.

The fifth season of Lucifer begins on Netflix Aug. 21.