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Animal Crossing fans are building great diving spots for the summer update

Making a splash

An Animal Crossing character dives into the ocean. Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via rancesssz/Twitter

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ big summer update invites you to suit up and swim into the depths, and while you can use the pier or walk into the ocean, some intrepid players want to dive with a little more style. For these fans, ambiance is just as important as the gameplay mechanic.

Many folks are building specialized diving areas where they can cannonball into the water. The most popular technique involves building a wooden ramp, or a cliff, which can provide the necessary height for a nice dive. These diving spots are usually decorated with nautical items, such as diving suits, surfboards, fish statues, and water-themed patterns. For example, it’s pretty common to see swimming signs near diving spots — perhaps one related to a lifeguard, or one warning people of the potential danger. But it’s not all cliffs and ramps. Some are decorating their piers, or ground-level bridges that are made to look like diving boards.

The diving area featured at the top of this post, from Twitter user rancesssz, makes smart use of the new sea creatures, along with beach staples, to set a cute scene. Good to know the giant crab has a use beyond instilling terror!

Here are some of the best diving areas and diving-related patterns we’ve seen on social media thus far.